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  Combat Temple

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School of Martial Arts

What do we offer?

Group classes designed for:

4 to 10 years old  
10 to 15 years old
15 + and Adults

Competition training for all levels including white collar Boxing

Private group classes for companies, schools, families and friends

1-2-1 Sessions:

Martial arts lessons for kids and adults

Gym and fitness sessions for kids and adults

Gift vouchers for 1-2-1 and groups
Training camps for all age groups
(Sessions designed to train and prepare you for a special event like a wedding, a holiday, etc...)

Just tell us what you are looking for and we will get you closer to your aims, no matter how fit you are; as we all know life without goals is boring!

At Combat Temple, we will help you set life changing goals.

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We will design your training system, and re-programme your sessions continuously to give you endless and unlimited variety!

Sport sience believes in giving shock to your nervous system in order to physically and mentally adapt after every single session rather than maintaining your current level.

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We will help you throughout by monitoring every important bit, such as your weight, height,

fat mass, muscle mass, BMI, FFM, BMR etc... this will allow you to see your progress.

So if you are out of ideas in terms of training and thinking of a personal trainer,

call us now (Master Reza's direct line: 07931 906 926) to get your free personal training consultation and a 30 minutes sweaty work out tailored to your needs.


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MMA (Mixed Martial Arts),

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Olympic wrestling


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Free lance trainers needed

(Group classes and Personal trainers, for details contact Reza 07931906926)


Studio is also available for hire for other Martial Arts styles, Yoga, dance etc..